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The LOG-ON Team

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LOG-ON, New York City's premier mailing, digital printing and fulfillment facility. 


Meet our management team.

Dan Arnowitz

President & CEO

Dan Arnowitz founded LOG-ON in 1987 with his brother, Sherman Arnowitz. Both brothers shared a passion and aptitude for entrepreneurship -something they inherited from their father, William, who started his own successful company at the age of 24.

Dan, now the sole owner and CEO, has significantly expanded LOG-ON during the past two decades - from a small mailing house with a narrow list of services to a full-service mailing, printing and fulfillment operation with two office/warehouse locations in Manhattan and New Jersey (encompassing over 100,000 square feet), as well as a reputation for the most state-of-the-art machinery and expertise in customer service, technology, and production.

Dan Cantelmo

Executive Vice-President: 
Sales & Customer Service

Dan is an industry veteran with over 35 years in direct mail, printing and public relations industries and extensive experience in customer service, marketing, managing, writing, packaging, fulfillment and sales. 

Dan was formerly the President/CEO of Media Distribution Services (MDS) – a company with over 45 years of industry success across a wide range of printing, direct mail and fulfillment services. In May of 2008, Dan became a part of LOG-ON Computer & Mailing Services.

Robert Weinberg

Vice President

Marketer, Fundraiser, Communicator

Robert is a third generation direct mail expert, marketer, fundraiser and a master networker.  He is the former president and current board member of our industry trade organization, Idealliance NYC.  He's also part of the management team (in New York) and a member of the International Advisory Board for Business Networking International, an organization that has 7,500 chapters in 65 different countries.

Robert became a part of LOG-ON in August 2014.  Originally trained as an operations/production manager, he knows the “nuts and bolts” of what he sells and, with over 30 years of printing, mailing, project design and execution experience, he is a welcomed addition to our team! 

Jonathan Korn

Director of Sales

Jonathan started his career at LOG-ON six years ago after graduating from The State University of New York at Oneonta.  As starting goalie for the school's soccer team, he quickly rose to the front lines as a leader who gains the respect of his teammates with ease.

His attention to detail, tremendous work ethic, and desire to learn the ins and outs of the industry make Jonathan an exemplary sales team leader. He is dedicated to growing the sales department while still making time to work on the individual growth of his entire team. 

As the Director of Sales, He is constantly moving LOG-ON forward by creating new initiatives, educating new clients on our capabilities, and keeping an eye out for the newest and best technology our industry has to offer.

Michael Vinas

Director of Production


After being at LOG-ON for over nine years, Mike has done it all!  He started as an Account Executive quickly moving up the ranks to Account Executive Manager.   Now, as our Direct of Production, every single printed, mailed, and fulfilled piece gets Mike's seal of approval.  His attention to detail is impeccable and, with a degree in Technology Education from The College of New Jersey, this sport lover catches every minute detail.  Rest assured, you are in great hands with Mike in charge!

Hugo Barinas

Production Manager

Hugo is a true LOG-ON veteran and is an entrusted leader on our production floor.  He is the backbone of this operation; held responsible for quality control, office aesthetics and everything in between.  

Hugo started at LOG-ON as a young teenager and, now, with over 19 years on the team, there is nothing he can't do!  He is always a constant reminder of the strong bonds built at LOG-ON; his wife Mary and numerous cousins all joined the LOG-ON family over the years.  Don't forget to check him out on our community page with his two sons throwing the first pitch at a Citi Field event with some of our favorite clients!  

Evan Wright

Digital Print Manager


After receiving a Bachelors in Fine Art and a Business Minor from the University of Kentucky, Evan moved to NYC to pursue a career in the Digital Art world.  His journey at LOG-ON began in 2011 as a Digital Print Associate.  Since then he has mastered all facets of our printing facility including design, pre-press, wide format printing, and finishing.  

His creativity and design expertise make him an invaluable member of the LOG-ON team! 

p.s. Make sure you ask him about the stories behind his tattoos next time you chat!

Prerena Bhusal

Data Manager


Prerena earned her MS in Information Systems with Database Systems Connection.  She then built a program for Web and Multimedia Design at Touro College where she was a leader for six years.  Recently, she has brought these skills to LOG-ON assisting on our many data projects.

Originally from Kathmandu, Nepal, Prerena came to the US to pursue her MS degree.  When the earthquake hit Nepal last year, she helped organize relief efforts from her new home in New York.  She loves to cook Nepali food and we're hoping she brings some in for the rest of us to try! 

Danny Schultz

Account Executive Manager


Danny has been a proud member of the LOG-ON team since 2009.  He is enthusiastic about developing relationships with LOG-ON's clientele and makes it a priority to ensure customer satisfaction with every project.  As a LOG-ON Veteran, customer service wiz, and postage expert, Danny is also responsible for training our Account Executives to ensure we exceed all expectations with our efforts.   

Originally from California, Danny ventured over to the east coast to study Philosophy at Bucknell University.  Outside of LOG-ON, he enjoys playing basketball, swimming, and creating abstract art.

Samantha Arnowitz

Marketing/Client Relations Manager


Samantha’s love for client interaction came from a three year stint at SoulCycle as a Studio Manager in the Los Angeles market.  As part of their field team she was responsible for running a small business efficiently, according to budget, and with a smile on her face.   Conversing and befriending clients was her favorite part of the position as it allowed her to gain invaluable insight on customer satisfaction and, thus, improve the quality of her business.

After four years at the University of Colorado at Boulder and three years at SoulCycle in Los Angeles, it was time for Samantha to come home to NYC, bringing with her a vast expertise in the customer service field.  She joined the LOG-ON team in February 2015.

Brenda Hernandez

Accounts Payable/Receivable


With almost a decade at LOG-ON under her belt, Brenda has a huge impact in how this office ticks.  She handles Accounts Receivable and Payable, Human Resources, and acts as the Administrative Assistant to the CEO (and the entire executive team).  

Originally in school at BMCC for early childhood education, Brenda is patient, reliable, adaptable, and a loyal team-player.  She keeps us moving forward and we'd be lost without her!